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About REC

Create a next generation website with REC, a Real Estate IDX and CRM product of AfterNorth. REC includes all of the features & development tools of its predecessor, CLARENproject, which was built to provide Broker Reciprocity(IDX) from MLS RETS data.

The REC platform facilitates the advanced needs of modern Real Estate Agents, Agency Teams, & Brokerages. Developers are able to create, manage, and optimize websites directly with a comprehensive code editor. Marketing teams appreciate our full access tools, including; SEO listing, social media managament, REC-CRM, and Analytics tools.

If you're looking for a new or updated real estate website as part of your marketing plan our team can help you develop a market leading solution that not only dominates local an niche markets but also drives potential leads and client aquisitions while catoring to your exisitng client base with instant market notifications, premium search functions including saved listings, a full end client portal, and community tools.